Cheese Platter

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It’s been a while since my last cheese plate. I love cheese even though I know they’re not too healthy they’re super delicious.

Couple weeks ago I decided to try some new ones and enjoy some old favorites. And finally I remember to share these cheese reviews. 😀

1. Valma Valkohomejuusto (in front of the picture above)
Very mild and soft local cheese from Finland. Feels almost like eating some butter. Nice taste – easy choice for first time tasters. This cheese is soft-ripened that means it has white mold on it.

2. Kuusamon Savujuusto (furthers one of the picture above)
Medium-hard cheese with hint of smoke in the taste. Not too tasty, mild cheese.

3. Juustoportti Gran Reserve (on the left)
Hard texture. Strong taste, a bit too dry in my opinion. Taste becomes stronger while chewing.

4. Rauchkäse Chili-Paprika (on the right)
My longtime favorite that I just had to get. Semi-soft and quite strong and spicy with hint of smoke. I love exotic strong cheese and it’s sometimes hard to remember that you have to have all kind of cheese on a cheese platter- not only strong and spicy ones.

Tip: take different kind of cheese to the plate. Something soft, something hard; something mild, something strong and maybe something spicy, etc. You should also have fruits, crackers, water and maybe some wine so that you can taste differences between the cheeses. Enjoy! 🙂

Tip2: I found a Wikipedia article (CLICK HERE) that opens up different types of cheese pretty easily for first timers.

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