Sick: How to Make It More Fun or Even Useful?

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… If you’re too tired to go to your couch, stay in bed and watch documentaries about camel polo in bed.  This is what I did earlier this summer. :’D

For the last couple days I’ve been sick and that really sucks. I’ve just watched movies from the Netflix and hanged out of with my computer. Having a boyfriend me made it little more fun even though being sick is never fun. This time I’d like to tell you something how to make you feel better and how to make it less worse to a stay home for like five days, like I did.

Tip one: sleep as much as you can. Sleeping will help you recover and the time will also go faster when you’re asleep.

Tip two: remember to eat and drink water so that you’ll recover faster. To make it more fun order your favorite food to home – or ask your friend, relative or boyfriend to pick it up.

Tip three: use Netflix or other service and watch all the movies you have always wanted – now you finally have time to do so. You can also have a marathon of your favorite TV series. If you want to make it useful watch some documents about things related to your career or studies.

Tip four: don’t you ever have time to do your nails or let the facemask stay long enough? Problem solved: when you’re sick you have nothing but time. So make yourself pretty.

Tip five: blog, take some nice photos or have fun with Internet. When you’re sick you can do all that without feeling bad that you’re not working, exercising or studying.

Tip six: and finally if you’re not getting better and in a couple days, remember to call your doctor visit him on her.

During last couple days while I was sick I watched plenty of Ted talks and Dr. house. I also watched some good movies – mostly documentaries because I didn’t feel good with laughing. So even though I usually love comedies I skipped them this time. Additionally I did my blog and read some other blogs and thought my life, my future and my career. While I was sick I had a good time to think what I want from my life. It also was good test for my relatively new boyfriend – I can gladly say that he passed the test by taking great care of me. 🙂

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