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Pollo Barbecue with rucola (chicken, bacon, bbq sauce, pineapple)
The best place for an Italian styled pizza in Itis. Tasty pizzas from tasty Italian classics to more exotic and international option. Pollo barbecue pizza is perfect for ones looking for something American tasting. If you’re looking for something exotic and luxurious try salmon rucola – crunchy fish pizza with even caviar on it.

Service is very friendly and nice. Getting pizzas might however take pretty long (like 30 minutes) sometimes – but don’t worry, if you’re in hurry you can call them in prior and you’re pizzas are waiting for you!

What comes to prices this place is not the cheapest one – pizzas are from approximately 12€ to 22€. Anyhow they are worth of money. I recommend this restaurant if you want to enjoy good Italian styled pizza and enjoy the atmosphere with no rush.

4,5/5 stars

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