Fall Nails with Pearls and Diamonds

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I just realised that I have never posted about my gorgeous August nails. They weren’t too much my style but they were kind of cool though. I had all nails gel polished with greyish mint green except my index finger nails that were white. Additionally I had 1 bigger diamond and 4 smaller ones + 8 small pearls on my both middle and index fingers. They were pretty hard to get there for my nails technician but she made it.


Because of my job, my hobbies and moving during August these nails didn’t last cool too long (all the small pearls were gone in couple days and also some big diamonds dripped off too fast). I still wanted to share this look with you. Beautiful, but not too practical.


Ps. I found new favorite from cold coffees sold in grocery stores in Finland. Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks Discoveries. Yummy! ❤


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