Luxurious Night in Helsinki / Restaurant Loiste in Review

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Even though we don’t have any skyscrapers in Helsinki we still have really beautiful city views. I particularly love our downtown at night.

One great option to enjoy the skyline is eating in 10th floor of Sokos Hotel where they have four star restaurant called Loiste. The restaurant has panoramic view over downtown Helsinki. They also have bar terrace there above the city, pretty much perfect! I love all the light of night. Especially it’s great experience with a good company.


What comes to eating there the food is delicious and they have perfect amount of options – you can read the entire menu but there is still something for everyone from vegetarians to steak lovers and exorcism searchers.

As you might guess, it’s not the cheapest place to eat but in my opinion the view and food are worth of 20-40€ per dish price. Only big minus is the service. It was nice and polite but it shouldn’t take half an hour to get the bill (especially if the foods take less than that).

Usually I give stars to restaurant in whole but this time I’ll give separate stars to view, food and service.

View 5/5 stars
Food 5/5
Service 2,5/5

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