Apple Training, Badminton & Hang Out Day

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Yesterday was a great day. As you all might know I’m a huge Apple fan and part of my job is selling Apple products. That’s why my employer decided to send me and one of my colleagues to Apple Finland for a sales training. That was one of the most inspiring days during my career. I pretty much love learning – especially if it facilitates my career or life in general.

The training included 3 hours of Mac training and 3 hours of iPad training. Even though I know both of them pretty well and I’ve been using an iPad for last 5 years and Mac for 2 I still learned a lot. Especially the software part and how to explain all the great things to different customers were very interesting things to learn. I cannot wait for my next trainings!

If your employer ever offers you a possibility to learn and meet your colleagues from different stores or cities always be willing to go! It will motivate you and help you serve your customers even better. … And you can also meet a punch of wonderful people!

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After the training I went to Viikki to give away the keys to my old apartment and meet me roommates for a last time for a while. After that I went to Eastern Helsinki to play some indoor badminton with couple friends. From there we carried on our way to Cantina West – a Mexican restaurant located in downtown Helsinki.

IMG_2731 kopio

I ate a horse steak with some mojo sauce. It was really delicious and the restaurant in general was nice. Btw you should download city shopper into your phone and you’ll get a good discount in this restaurant!

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