Time to Leave Viikki / Moving from Helsinki to Espoo

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Viikki fields – one of the most peaceful places for walks in Helsinki

I’m known of my habit to move at least once every year. Today is one of moving days of this one. On first of January I moved to US and from there I moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I still love that place and carry on working in there. Anyhow I had to give my summertime apartment away and find a new one. So goodbye Viikki and welcome Espoo! I still have a week left of my contract in Helsinki and I think I’ll visit that place at least once or twice before the end of the week. However 95% of my stuff is already moved to Espoo.


Me & my suitcase life – this is all the stuff I have 😛


Beauty of the sunsets nearby my old place. Just too perfect and stunning. 🙂 I hope that I will find this kind of amazing sunset spotting place in Espoo too. The colors ❤


More Viikki porn haha 🙂

Ps. I think I haven’t published this yet here in my blog: I’m going to visit the US of A in less than two months! I’ll stay five days in sunny Miami area and five more days in amazingly wonderful NYC. ❤ On my way to the US I’ll stop in Oslo, Norway for about 8 hours. If you have some good tips, must dos or recommendations, please leave a comment or email. 🙂 I think I’ll publish some kind of travel plan before my trip so that all of you, my dear readers, can use my blog to facilitate your planning.

Pps. All this photos are taken with my new iPhone 6 Plus. It has pretty amazing camera, doesn’t it?


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