Summer & Golf Course in Paloheinä, Helsinki

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The weather has been pretty much awesome during last couple weeks. Sunny, warm and just perfect. Usually we have this kind of weather here in Finland during July but this year August has been great. I’ve been outdoors about all the time while I haven’t been at work. 🙂

In the US I found perfect way to be social, get some exercise and get tanned. That’s golfing. I’ve been golfing for couple times in the US and practicing at range in Finland. Last weekend I however decided to take actual course to learn all the rules, etc.

The course I took was 8 hours during one weekend and it included techniques, rules, etiquette, etc. I can hardly recommend it. Even if you have played a bit I’m sure you’ll learn something new there. The course was located in Paloheinä golf in Helsinki. It cost 195€ (about $220) that included lessons, own iron 7 and book about the rules.

Paloheinä golf is relatively small and not too fancy but if you want to take a course in Helsinki it’s a good option. They had really good lessons and nice coaches there. 🙂


My golf style included cute shirt from Ralph Lauren Sport, beige shorts and matching belt – and shoes of course. After some golfing we went eating to one of my favorite restaurants in Helsinki area – Vapiano. ❤ In general my golf course weekend was a great success. 🙂

Ps. You can also take a course on weekday nights if your busy at weekends.

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