Luxurious Stilettonails with Diamonds + Silver Toenails for August

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Nails, nails, nails = pure love ❤ A week ago I decided to update my nails to more luxurious ones. I loved my old tutti frutti colored shorter stilettos but I wanted something more unique. When I went to nail studio World Nails in Itäkeskus, Helsinki I only knew that I’ll get my toenails and fingernails done but I wasn’t sure what kind of nails I want.

At first I decided to try some new color to my toenails. This time it was silver (I always have either pink or red on toes). While they did my toes I searched cool nails at Pinterest. I found cool looking white ones with diamonds and silver glitter.


… So I wanter to get them!


My extempore nails are just perfect. ❤ Pure love again. I can’t believe that I have lived many years with my natural ugly nails and tried to polish them like every third day. These beauties last 4 weeks without doing anything. This time I took gel polish that will look good for like 3 weeks (compared to regular one that last about 2 weeks on acrylic nails). In addition gel polish dries out in seconds instead of a half an hour. 😀 This is my first time with diamonds but so far they have lasted well. The diamonds are glued on white gel layer. After that the nail technician put the top coat gel on them.


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