Restaurant Review: Korea House, Helsinki

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In downtown Helsinki we have plenty of great ethnic restaurants. I love Asian foods, especially Korean. I fell in love with it in the US because of my Korean friends and Korea town in NYC. In Finland I’ve been missing Korean food. When I told about this at work one of my colleagues told me that there is a superb Korean restaurant located in downtown. Straight away I knew that I have to go and check it out. I’m happy that I did it!

Korea house has an interesting menu full of Korean classics. You can either offer three courses or just the ones you like. They also serve multiple drinks from water and soft drinks to alcoholic beverages such as wines and beers.


We ate grilled squids and fried pork, both hot (you can get the dishes either mild or hot). They were not too hot but they were super tasty! Perfect amount of spiciness and hotness for me. 🙂 We enjoyed our food with water so I cannot say anything about their drinks.


However I can tell you about their great service that was super friendly, fast and just perfect. The restaurant is very cosy and all the stuff is Asian – polite and helpful. Additionally the restaurant had service buttons so that the customers can get service faster and the waitresses are not distracting customers if they don’t need anything. What a great idea! I’m just wondering why don’t all the restaurants have those buttons? I’m pretty sure it would make their job easier and increase the customer satisfaction.


I will definitely give 5 out of 5 stars for this one and go back soon! ❤

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