Day Off in Helsinki

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On Friday I had a day off. Usually I love to travel or do something special with my friends and relatives. I was supposed to go Flamingo Spa but because my company wasn’t able to get a day off I decided to spent the day alone (except night).


At the morning I went to Motivus Center gym in downtown Helsinki. That gym offers plenty of group fitness classes. It’s also good basic gym that costs 11 euros (about $13) for gym at morning. Additionally they offer deals for regular users (10 times and monthly memberships).

After my exercise I went to Subway for a lunch. I also went to couple stores to buy new earrings and other small things. After that I went to a nail studio to get new cooler nails for August. I loved my old ones but I wanted something new. I’ll write own post about my nails in couple days! 🙂


At the afternoon I went to pick my passport up and enjoyed the sunny weather for a while before meeting a friend with whom we went to Kiasma, museum of modern art. I love modern art and photos so that one of my favorites in Helsinki. Tip: on the first Friday of every month you can go there for free! 😀


Post-it on the visitors greeting wall of Kiasma’s told everyone to “remember to love” in Finnish. Quite cute! It made me smile so I decided to share it. 🙂

Finally we went to restaurant called Korea House for a late dinner. I’ll write a separate review of it soon!

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