Daytrip to Kotka, South-Eastern Finland

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On Tuesday I was on a one day road trip to Kotka, Finland. The weather was hot, Subaru Outback was cool, strawberries were sweet and the company was awesome. In all the day was a great success. 🙂


The original reason for the trip was doing a passport application. In our capital are the lines to police stations for doing passport applications can be months so it’s a lot easier to go 30-90 minutes away from Helsinki and you can schedule and appointment in a week. I had never been in Kotka so I decided to combine experiencing Kotka and applying a passport.


Kotka police station looks like and an old castle. 😀


… And the receipts they give are super cool!


The market square area in downtown area has interesting combination of different decades of architecture. Kotka in general is really beautiful city to visit summer time.

IMG_1995 IMG_1984

We ate meatballs & mashed potatoes with salad and tomato-mozzarella sandwich in Meri Cafe Kristina. The food was good and prices weren’t too bad (about 10€ for a meal and 5€ for a sandwich).


For a dessert we went to cafe restaurant Tulikukko. I bought Cool Coco Latte. It was superb! Basically it was a cold latte without whip but with ice cubes and vanilla and coconut syrup. Not too sweet, super cold and only about 5€. Perfect for a hot summer day! In addition Tulikukko is right next to Palokka Harbor and has great seaside view. You can also hop on and off the some cruises there.


We ate 5 kilograms (about 9lbs) strawberries during the day in Kotka.


We ❤


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