Sunday Night Activities in Helsinki with Friends

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There is one thing I do not like in Helsinki. That’s the fact that about nothing including many good  restaurants is not open on Sunday nights. Anyhow on last Sunday me and my friends wanted to do something together. after plenty of time used with Google we found out that a thing called Escaperoom was open. My friend  had talked about it’s about 2 months.

I wasn’t sure if I would like to go or not because I found the idea of being locked a little strange and even scary but I decided to give it a chance. I went there with 3 of my friends.


Photo above from Facebook page of Escaperoom Helsinki

The idea of Escaperoom is that a team of 3 to 6 people is locked in a room and they have an hour to find clues that will help them out from the room. The one we chose is located in downtown Helsinki. It cost like €30 per person. The one we chose wasn’t too easy to finish and actually we didn’t finish it. But fortunately we had chosen the most difficult one (only 20% can pass that one) so I think we could have finished some of the other ones. Anyhow the experience was really fun and I guess that I’m going to try something similar again. You really have to think and solve tasks to open all the locks that will help you escape. Even though we were locked it wasn’t really scary because there was plenty of us in the room it’s not dark or anything so it’s more fun and maybe a little frustrating at some points but anyhow it’s not scary in any level even though I would like to be locked in elevator or something like that but it’s a totally different thing.


After escaperoom we wanted to eat something. it was already like 9 PM and too many restaurants wasn’t open that time.  We decided to eat something ethnic. Couple days before Sunday I had tried New Bamboo Center for first time. it’s a Chinese restaurant in Annankatu, that’s a street in the downtown Helsinki. They measure the spiciness of the foods in amount of chilis (in general from 1 to 3 but you can take anything from 1 to 13 they said). The Last time I took my food with two of them. I finished it pretty easily so I decided to try one with three of them this time. the food was horribly spicy and hot. Anyhow I wouldn’t say it was unfortunate to take the three of them but I wouldn’t consider doing that again for a while at least. However it is a really good restaurant and I do like the fact that they do real Chinese food and you can get it super spicy if you want to. Additionally the service was great and so was the waitress – she was really nice and helpful and fun and everything. I recommend you to try that restaurant if you ever have a chance. 🙂

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