Why So Serious? Have a Great Weekend!

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It’s time for a photo throwback from Estonia! I visited Estonia with two of my great friends on June. We had awesome time there. I wanted to take some photos for blogging and to memorize all the great time we had that day. I took a lot of regular tourist / blogger photos – aaaand of course huge punch of selfies! Crazy friend selfies are the best. I’m going to share some me & my friends gone crazy photos this time. I hope these will make your day and be a great start for the upcoming weekend. Enjoy all my sweeties! <3

IMG_20150620_134121 IMG_20150620_134127 IMG_20150620_134131 IMG_20150620_134135 IMG_20150620_134138 IMG_20150620_134148 IMG_20150620_134156 IMG_20150620_134143 IMG_20150620_134152

Have a crazy and fun weekend! 😀

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