New Apple Family Member <3

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I was supposed not to work too much or be super busy during last week. However because of many reasons I ended up to work and meet a lot of friends. Thus I didn’t had too much time for blogging. Today I worked 8 hours, shopped some food and went out for a walk with my roommate. Today wasn’t a regular day though because I got a new beautiful member to my Apple family. ❤

I got my first Apple at the beginning of 2010. It was iPad 2 with 3G and huge memory – my mom won it and gave it to my. It was love on the first use. So easy to learn, fun to use, great battery life of 9 hours and all the apps! At that point I loved my tablet but I found other Apple products too expensive.

After couple years, on fall 2013 I began my university studies and found my old pad too big. iPad mini was brand new model then. I bought it. I loved it. The size is perfect for a student who wants tablet to be small and not too heavy. I took another Apple because a) I loved their products already – how they work, how easy they are to operate and how high quality they are in general and b) all other tablets were about the same price.

About a month after buying my iPad mini I found a great offer of MacBook Air 13″ and bought it. At first I hated it because it was pretty different to use. Anyhow it took less than a month to realize that I should have bought one earlier. My Mac is fast, it always works, I don’t have to update it all the time (and actually I don’t even have to turn it off more than couple times a year even if I’m using it everyday!) and it’s super light weighted and has a great battery. It wasn’t cheap but it’s perfect piece of practical high tech and designers’ masterpiece in my opinion.

Buying iPhone was the hardest one of my Apple decisions. I used to have Lumia that didn’t work too well. When my dad promised to buy me a new phone on spring 2014 I decided straight away to give iPhone a change. It’s expensive phone but it works amazingly perfect with my other Apples. I didn’t want to take either of 5s because I didn’t like their shape. I got iPhone 4s.

After an year with my 4s I’m completely happy with it but I took one with memory of only 8 gigabytes. Because I’m heavy user of social media, camera, etc my phone is just not enough anymore. I gave a change to Android by buying Huawei Ascend G630 on last December but Apple is my thing. They work together super well and I love them.

Today I decided to update my phone so that it would much better with my needs. I knew I’ll take either 6 or 6 plus with 128gigabytes. I wanted phone with which I can take as many photos I love and into which I can upload all the music and apps I like without struggling with lack of space. My Huawei had huge screen (almost as big as 6 plus) so I decided to take one I really felt love with. Welcome home my pretty golden iPhone 6 plus 128gb


What’s gonna be next? I think I’ll be completely happy with my phone for at least 2 years. At the moment I’m not using my tablets too much and they both still work pretty well so I think that my next update will either be new Mac (either MacBook Pro or iMac) or something related to my Apples – like Apple TV or Time capsule.

Do you believe in the greatness of the Apple products?

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