Day Trip to Tallinn

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On midsummer fest we did a day trip to Tallinn with my friend and one of my roommates. Even thought I’m Finnish and 22, this was my first time in Tallinn. Additionally my roommate is from Belgium so she hadn’t been there either. For Finns it’s really common to visit Estonia at least couple times per summer. That’s mostly because it’s super cheap (fairy tickets there and back cost like 20EUR (around $23)) – even cheaper than train tickets to other bigger towns in Finland.

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What comes to shopping Estonia is not too cheap. However because of difference taxes and laws alcohol, tobacco and foods are a lot cheaper there. Because of this quite many Finns go to Estonia just to buy alcoholic beverages and tobacco products for them and their parties. Anyhow, Tallinn is also very beautiful city – especially the old town. There is some nice restaurants, cultural activities, etc.

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We mostly walked around, visited old town and hanged out in Virukeskus Shopping mall (it was raining a lot that’s why we found ourselves there). Virukeskus has premium brand stores but the prices are not too cheap in general there. You can hunt for sales though. The mall also has really nice restaurants – if you like (healthy) salad buffets you should try Daily special (photos above!)

IMG_20150620_133850 11535811_1004582116227909_2320506088529572885_n

Ps. Even though I don’t want to encourage anyone to use alcohol, it’s crazy how big the different between Estonia and Finland is:

Estonian prices:¤cy=eur

Finnish prices (there is alcohol monopoly of Alko that’s owned by Finnish government):



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