4th of July in Helsinki

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I had big plans for 4th of July. I thought that I could go out for a picnic and have / go to some US theme party. Well, all the picnics were at the afternoon and the biggest theme party of downtown Helsinki would have been on Sunday 5th. Who on earth parties on Sunday?

IMG_20150704_191743 IMG_20150704_192138

I worked from 9am to 6pm and then I met my friend in the downtown. We went to eat in Santa Fé (popular Mexican restaurant) and some American styled grill. They have shared outdoor area so my friend ordered Mexican and I took a barbecue burger from American. After that we decided to walk around downtown. We found our way to SkyWheel Helsinki. It cost 10EUR (around 11usd) but the view was amazing! I hardly recommend you going there! 🙂

IMG_20150704_200431 11053148_1011954142157373_126129580397531609_n 11695946_1011882645497856_5228435840353367679_n

After enjoying of the beauty of our capital we went to my place to hang out with my roommates and friends. I did us some pina coladas (my favorites!), we watched devil wears prada -movie and got ready for downtown. From my place we found our way to nightclub Tiger that’s located in Kamppi, Helsinki. There was quite a lot of people. Mostly young Finns and some immigrants. I’m pretty sure that Sunday’s American party would have been cooler but we had good time though. 🙂 Maybe next year I can really celebrate America’s birthday with some theme activities or even in US. At least I would love to do so.


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