If You Do Not Set Your Own Value and Your Own Goals the World will Never Reward You

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I watched these motivational videos and made this post when I was going through a little crisis during last spring. I felt motivated and I felt I had the power and control even though it sometimes doesn’t feel so – especially when you’re thousands of miles from home, speaking with weird accent and struggling to get your things in order in multiple areas of life. Most of time I love my life and look forward the future but sometimes everyone, including me, needs a little kick to the butt to keep going. For me motivational speakers and videos are one of many ways to get the kick I need. Here is couple good ones. I hope these can remind me of my good decisions. Additionally I hope that these motivate You to success!

“Tell me I can’t do this, I’ll prove you wrong”

“We’re made to creators of our life”

“Triving or surviving?”

“Focus equals power”

“Set some higher goals”

“Tomorrow can be better than today”

“Believe in yourself”

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish that you were better”

The next video is pretty much with sports theme but I like it:

“Easy way out will always be there”

“Is that all you got, are you sure?”

“You are ready”

“This is about massive amount of action”

“If you do not set your own value, your own goals the world will never reward you”

“People that are hungry are unstoppable”

“No excuse is acceptable”

“It’s possible”

“It’s me”

Have a beautiful day!

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