Tip: How to Charge All Your Devices Abroad at One Time

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I’m always traveling with multiple electronic devices. While in States I had three phones (iPhone is my primary one in Finland and keeping in contact with Finnish people, Huawei has good camera and that horrible track phone is something I have to have to call American people), iPad mini and my MacBook Air. And of course, I need them all everyday and they all run out of battery about the same time.

Every of them except my track phone has euro chargers and I only have one adapter. Luckily the charger of my Huawei and the track phone is similar (micro USB) so I can use that one for both. I could solve my problem by buying US chargers but I wouldn’t need them in Finland so if I can save that money I definitely will.


This is my solution: I’m using my adapter to my Mac euro charger and charging my iPhone and iPad from it’s USBs. Huawei and track phone use the US charger one by time. This way I can charge four out of five devices at the same time with only one adapter. 🙂

… Of course I could have taken electricity hub that makes possible to apply more devices to my adapter. That’s what I did last summer but this time I forgot the hub (and saved some space in my suitcase!)

Happy travels! I hope you guys find this tip helpful! 🙂

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