Visual Puns for Photography Class 1/2

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In my photography class we had assignment to do “visual puns” that means making picture of some word or commonly used sentence – how would it look literally. For example “a fruit fly” could be fruit that has fly’s wings and eyes. We had to return only one of these but I found this assignment so fun that I made two. 🙂 I think these are pretty obvious but I added answer at the bottom of the post though.


I have just merged the picture of water with melon by using layers of Photoshop and changing transparency. I can make you guys tutorials of photo merging if you’re interested. Just leave me a comment or send an email. 🙂 Doing this one took less than an hour so these are relatively easy to do.

Answer: watermelon

Photo of melon from here.

Photo of water from here.

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