This Week So Far / June 8-14th 2015

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During the second week of June I’ve been mostly working. I love my job even more than I used to. However it takes a lot of time so I haven’t been taking too many photos during this week. Today I have my first day off during whole week. It was superb to be allowed to sleep ’till noon. 😀 It’s raining here in Helsinki at the moment but it only means that this is perfect day for editing old photos, doing my blog and going to see new American comedy movie (Spy) with my old friend. I saw the trailer couple weeks ago in States and since then I’ve been looking forward to seeing it. 🙂

Photos are from my Instagram @dreamerachievernora but I’ll share some more information here in blog. I promise that there will be new non-instagrammed photos posted during next week. 😀

First two photos below show you my summer style of the week: curly & straight version of my hair – with hair flowers of course. 😉 I love those daisies! I have white ones for spare time and blue&green ones that fit with my working uniform (I’m wearing classic blue colored shirt with green logo of the company + black pants and black shoes)

11390311_997382260281228_1639540782310541395_n 10435031_995975330421921_1209228094425919444_n

Below: New nails. I had a little nail accident (no photos of bloody nail haha) because my old nails were far too long. Thus I decided to get new ones to avoid more accidents to happen. It was quite embarrassing to broke my nail in front of a male customer and couple colleagues. Anyhow it’s life and I survived. At the moment I have nine beautiful red nails but I’m wearing a band-aid on my right index finger to hide my badly broken nail.


Below: The in decoration of my new room is still not ready because I haven’t had enough time and energy to work on it. However I already have my US flag on wall. 🙂 It makes me smile and reminds me of the great time and greater dreams.


Below: New favorite sub from Finnish Subway. Turkey-bacon-avokado sub made with whole wheat bread. I like it with gouda cheese, bbq and light mayo sauces and some veggies (salad, pickles, tomatoes and green pepper). I’m really sad that they don’t have my American favorite subs or veggies here in Finland but at least they have one sub I like a lot. 🙂


I hope you had a great week too! Now I’ll go and cook something to eat and get ready for movies. 🙂

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