Enjoying Viikki, Helsinki, Finland

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I had weekend off in Helsinki 5th-7th of June. I met a lot of old friends, watched some good movies and had a lot of good time. However I was too concentrated on good company that I didn’t take too many photos about that weekend and people. Anyway I took (and my friends took) some great pics about me and area in Helsinki called Viikki (or Gardenia and Pikkukoski to be exact).

I’m really clad that I have this great views and beautiful nature close to my summer apartment here. This is really great area to live! Not only because of the nature but there is also good public transportation connections to downtown and to Eastern Helsinki. There is also real big grocery store nearby.


A birdwatching tower in Gardenia area in Viikki, Helsinki, Finland. Around Gardenia area there are a lot of walkways in forests. You can find beautiful farms, birdwatching towers, sea views and a lot of nice places for picnics, good photos and running. If you like nature photography don’t forget to bring your camera with a telephoto lens!


The view from a forest where we hiked with my roommate. We found really nice rocks with nice river views. These photos (above and below) are from Pikkukoski area and the river in them is Vantaanjoki (River Vantaa). That’s me enjoying the view in the photo below.


Ps. I would have never believed that my hair could ever be this blonde and beautiful. Little great reasons to be happy. Sun, view, friends and hair. 🙂 I hope you have a great day! And if you ever come to Helsinki do some hiking in the city! There is plenty of nice hiking areas in the city – usually in 30 minutes from downtown (city centre).

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