Day Offs in Kuopio, June 2015

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During the first week of June I spent couple days in Kuopio. I was just having a holiday, meeting my friends and trying to enjoy the summer. Unfortunately it was raining about all the time so I cannot share pictures with you this time. However I’ll share you some photos about my days in Kuopio, Finland. 🙂


My holiday in Kuopio began with some pizza. In Kuopio there is a pizzeria called Kemer that has pizzas with 4 toppings in 4 euros ($4.5). You can choose whatever you wish. That place is definitely not fine dining place but after traveling all night I just wanted fine good pizza without paying a lot. Kemer has surprisingly good pizzas compared to their prices. That pizzeria has operated in Kuopio for many many years and it’s a good choice when you just cheap pizza. And for all Americans: yes, in Finland we don’t eat plain pizzas with a lot of cheese. We usually have 3-7 toppings and less cheese. This time I had mushrooms, pineapples, scrimps and kebab. My friend took chicken, pineapple, red pepper and blue cheese.


More food! 😀 My Instagram is already full of foodporn and so is my blog too haha. I hope you like food photos. This one is very traditional food from Kuopio area. It’s called Kalakukko. Kalakukko means fish (and some bacon) in rye bread. It’s really good in my opinion! Especially if you like seafood you should definitely try one! You can buy Kalakukkos from local market square (Kuopion Tori in Finnish). They cost like 20€ (around 24$) but with that money you will get around 2 lbs (1kg).


It was raining about 80% of the time so I decided to have some fun with boardgames and friends. In the picture above you can see one called “Enigma”. It’s very fun, easy to learn and doesn’t take too much time to play. 🙂


Finally photo of my new money bank pig. The text on those pigs is supposed to be “miljoonan alku” that means beginning of a million. However in mine there is a typo so that it says “miljoonan alko”. Alko is a Finnish company owned by Finnish government. It has an alcohol selling monopoly in Finland. I found this super funny when I first saw these money banks. Haha. Me and my weird sense of humor. 😀

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