Hair Update

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Today I went to my great hairdresser Pekka Halonen again. This time he was in Hairstore Museokatu, Helsinki. He told me that he’s working in different stores during the summer. Fortunately I have his phone number so I know where to go. 🙂 This time he bleached my roots and toned some redness off my hair. He also straightened my hair so that they look gorgeous! I should start to do that myself too. No more lazy mornings haha.

We have a goal of perfect lighter blonde. I love my hair now (and I loved it last time too) but it’s getting better every time. I really look forward to seeing it in couple months. 🙂


I love this look! I got my lashes done yesterday and hair today. I should get my nails fixed soon too but today I decided to have lazy afternoon, shop some food and hang out with my roommates instead traveling to Itäkeskus to get my nails done. 😛 Last night I slept only about an hour in a bus so I let myself not to do anything haha.

How was your day?

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