Shopping Saturday! / Itäkeskus (Itis) Helsinki, Finland

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On Saturday I got home early so I decided to do some shopping in Itäkeskus (also known as Itis) that’s the biggest shopping center in Finland. I was going to buy mostly necessary things like food and more my favorite everyday scent.


Well, I bough that scent – ACQUA di GIOIA from Giorgio Armani and food (no photos of my so called food haha, I mostly bought Finnish crisp breads, noodles and too much dark chocolate because it was on sale).

… But I also bought:


  • New calendar (super pretty pink covered A5 sized cutie pie that I couldn’t leave in the store!)
  • Hair flowers (2 white, 1 green and 1 white+blue daisys). I will use the colorful ones at work because they fit perfectly with my work clothes. I want to bring some summery happiness and fun into our store. Maybe the flowers will facilitate me to do so.


  • Some hairpiece with a lot of different huge flowers. It’s enormous but I love it. It’s like me. Everyone will notice it because it’s so super – like I am. Remember you never do things too big, others just think too small. It looks great and if it’s too much for someone that’s not my problem. I though hope that it makes people smile.


  • New iPhone cover. I loved my old brushed aluminium+diamonds looking cover that let everyone see the Apple but I wanted something that fits better for summer time. I found this gorgeous white lace cover and oh my, I fell in love straight away! But really, isn’t it perfect for the upcoming summer? 🙂
  • New scarf. It was only 11.50€ (about $13) so I bought it just because it was nice. Every time I feel a little bad when I buy a new scarf because I have decided to buy Burberry next but I always find some other scarfs too. Maybe the next one is Burberry with classic print and brown color. Or the one after next one. Haha.

ShoppingSaturday30thMayDreamerAchieverScentPhoto2 ViaMirrorShoppingSaturday30thMayDreamerAchiever


What do you think? Which one was your favorite? 🙂

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