NYC Day5 (THU) / Good Company, Cooking, Korean and Parks

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My 5th NYC day was pretty much a super lazy day when my travel buddy left and we were pretty much watching tv, talking and eating out with one of my hosts. It was really nice day. I rather feel home and enjoy good company than run from attraction to another like all the tourists tend to do here. It’s interesting to live the atmosphere of the city and enjoy it with locals. 6-10 Emails, social media networking, looking for new cooperating companies to my blog, etc. Must do things with my computer (travel buddy was sleeping and I wanted to be nice to her and not to wake her up) ToeFriendsDreamerAchieverNYC 10.30-11.30 Enjoying the sun in a park and shopping groceries 12 lunch (more couscous haha) CouscousalaNoraDreamerAchieverNYC 5 Minutes Couscous for 2 by Dreamer Achiever Nora 1 package couscous (any flavor you like) 1/2 avokado 1/2 tomato 2 slices of (herb flavored organic) turkey – Cook the couscous, chop other ingredients, mix all, enjoy 😀 GirrrlllsPackItUpDreamerAchieverNYC 12.30- social media, chilling, packing 6 my friend left to the airport BrooklynKoreanDreamerAchieverNYC 8-9.30 eating out with one of my two hosts. We went to a Korean restaurant “Little Dokebi” nearby. He told me that all the staff is Mexican and well, the food wasn’t kind of Korean I’m used to. It was super hot and spicy but otherwise it was fine. Additionally we watched couple episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – too fun! It’s American comedy show that’s mostly making fun with American politics and the system in the US in general. 10- social media, chilling, packing

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