NYC Day4 (WED) / Shopping & Enjoying

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I got some kind of flu so I woke about around 5am. I didn’t want to wake anyone up so I decided to go out for a walk. I walked around 3 hours (and picked a little morning snack from deli next to our place). When I came back home we went to buy some groceries because we had none left. Then we cooked a lunch (more couscous haha)

I booked a flight with two suitcases 50 pounds each. I definitely had that amount of items with me but I had only one suitcase. Because of that we decided to walk to Manhattan again. We walked the Bedford Avenue that’s easiest way to Williamsburg Bridge from Greenpoint. Bedford Avenue has a lot of nice small shops, cafeterias and bars. There is life 24/7!


By walking Bedford Avenue you will find the beginning of Williamsburg Bridge. There is a lot of people running, cycling and walking their dogs. It’s not as backed as Brooklyn Bridge because it’s not a tourist attraction. I can understand why! It’s free way to get to Manhattan and there are nice views but it’s super loud because of subway. It’s also pretty old and dusty.


A view from the Williamsburg Bridge.

One of our hosts told me us about T.J. Maxx that’s located in 6th Avenue between 19th and 20th St. He told us that the place is pretty enormous and that they have outlet priced clothes and suitcases. Therefore we went there at first to see if they have suitcase for me. They had a lot of different sized, colored and branded suitcases. They have London Fog ones for $80 (I bought one with $199 from Detroit, and it was already on sale -50%). However they didn’t had those in color / pattern I like so I decided that I’ll take something else later on same day.

We also wanted to buy something to our friends and relatives so we visited couple more stores too. During long day of shopping and walking I grapped 1 hot skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks, superb salad (NAME & SUBSTITUTION) from Just Salad of 4th floor of Macy’s, couple Questbars from GNC and Peach Ice Jelly Bubbletea from Vivian’t bubble tea.

These were all great choises! As you know I love vanilla lattes & Quest Bars. This was my second time in Just Salad – I fell in love at the first try and I’m pretty sure that our relationship will continue. Too good to be true, and the prices are not higher than average here, my salad was little less than $10. I’m a little sad that they don’t allow photographing.You can however find out more about them from their website (HERE). I always take Tandoori Fire. I like to substitute onions with egg whites because  then you got more protein and do not smell onion. 😉

Vivian’s bubble tea was also a good choice. It was interesting to see how bubble teas are made. Taste was also great. You can taste real tea in it but taste of fruits is still there, that’s called perfect balance I think. That tea was $4.08 in medium size.

After a long shopping day it was like 9pm when we decided it’s time to walk back home. We walked back the same route we used at the morning. There was a lot of people out walking, eating, running, etc. so we felt really safe all the time. In Manhattan there is always a lot of people. Additionally Williamburg Bridge is very popular running and cycling place even after 10pm. In Brooklyn there were also quite many people out that night. It might be because we walked Bedford Avenue on Wednesday but I’m pretty sure that there is people everyday.


Last night together with my awesome friend, I hope we meet soon and that she has a great summer. 🙂

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