NYC Day2 (MON) / Staten Island, Sephora, Surviving and Some Chinese

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Left: Williamsburg Bridge, right: Brooklyn Bridge

I woke up earlier than my travel buddy so I decided to walk around a park nearby (McGornick Park) and take some pictures. When I came back my travel buddy had waken up so we cooked and ate and did some planning for the day.

We walked from Greenpoint, Brooklyn to Manhattan via Williamsburg Bridge. There were a lot of cute shops by streets we walked so it took a while to get to Manhattan. We had good time though so it’s fine. 🙂

forevertasterestaurantdreamerachiever dumplingsspringrollchinatowndreamerachiever

When we arrived to Manhattan we just walked around to see lower Manhattan. We found Chinatown where I ate really tasty food last time. That area has a lot of really cheap food (like dumplings for $1 or entire meal for $6) so we decided to take something to go. We got dumplings $1 for 4 and big spring rolls $2 for 2 from a restaurant called forever taste.

After our Chinese snacks we walked to Battery Park to hop in Staten Island Ferry that’s free ferry, which takes people from Manhattan to Staten Island and visa versa (25 minutes one way). It operates about once an hour both ways during May. From the ferry you can see Statue of Liberty and silhouette of Manhattan. There is not too much to see in Staten Island. I recommend you to just walk around and take pictures or eat there. There isn’t any attractions or too many shopping possibilities.

statenislandferrydreamerachiever selfiewithmanhattanstatenislandferrydreamerachiever

When we came back to Manhattan we explored some stores there. I found some really great makeups from Sephora. I might do own review post of these but long story short I got 1) Lancôme’s Powder Pencil for Brows in color called Natural Blonde, 2) Sephora’s Illuminated Sourcils Brow Enhancer in tone 04 Matte Beige, 3) Sephora’s Long Lasting Kohl Pencil in tone 07 Infinite Beige. I’ve been doing my brows with my old black pen and bronzer so I’m pleased that I finally got right-colored pen and that wax pen to make them more natural looking. Now they match really well with my blonde hair and that’s superb. I was already tired looking orange haired black browed ugly ducking haha. Now people have actually been surprised that I’m not real blonde. That was my goal and I’m really happy that I reached it. These makeups make my look so natural and fresh that I cannot stop smiling when I see myself on a mirror. 🙂 I have couple more things I want to do to Finnish my perfect Scandinavian beauty look. It’s nice now but it will be stunning.


My brows are already done with my new products in photo above 🙂

After shopping for a while we decided to explore world-famous Brooklyn Bridge and take some photos of it. It’s really beautiful bridge that looks a little like Golden Gate Bridge in California. Brooklyn Bridge is a lot smaller version. It was a great idea to take photos below the bridge because there were so many people walking on it that we really didn’t want to stop to take photos. It was a great experience though.

We had planned that we’ll walk home from Dumbo, the area where Brooklyn Bridge ends but we didn’t do too well at the first try…


This is where we ended. We didn’t have connection but luckily we saw too helpful police officers who where willing to help us figure out where we were. Walking back took like 3 hours and during that we saw all kinds of suburbs, including Jewish areas of Brooklyn. It was really interesting to see all different cultures and socioeconomically varying areas in just one part of NYC. That really is a melting pot of cultures!

After long walk we finally went to bed around 1am. Tired but feeling happy because we did it. We walked back. It took 3 hours more than we assumed but we also got a great story to tell.

Note: I do not recommend going to southern Brooklyn alone at nighttime because it’s not the safest area. There are gunshots and other problems regularly. If you decide to go, prefer daytime and do not go alone. Also looking like regular habitat of that area increases your safety. Do not look too fancy or show any valuables if you carry them with you. Additionally I usually try to avoid eye contact or disrupting dangerous looking people. Usually it works.


Ps. Fail of the day… Above: selfie with the Statue of Liberty. You might be able to recognize it when you know what to look for haha! Have great day with better pics! ❤

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