NYC Day 1 (SUN) / Arriving, Exploring Greenpoint, Finding New Shoes and Cooking

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We arrived to NYC around noon. At first we had to find an ATM because my friend needed some cash. We took a taxi to a place of couple Finnish guys living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The taxi was only $23+tip for two. After arriving there we showered (best thing ever if you have travelled like 28 hours!) and enjoyed the wi-fi for a while because it didn’t work too well in the bus.

After that we went to a grocery store nearby to buy something to eat. We bought fruits, vegetables, berries, noodles, couscous, Greece yoghurt, turkey slices, and protein bars… My friend cooked us one of most simple dishes ever but it was super delicious! Recipe can be found after the photo below.


Lunch for two by my friend & travel buddy:

2 bags of chicken flavored noodles

½ avocado

Some turkey

– Prepare the noodles like advised in package. Cut avocado & turkey in small pieces. Mix all together and enjoy.


We went out for a walk to explore Greenpoint area. That’s really nice area in Brooklyn. Most of the residents there are students thus the area seems really safe and cozy. Additionally there is quite big Polish population in the area I heard. Some shops are named in Polish and you can hear Polish but it’s fine because everyone still understands English.

In Greenpoint buildings are mostly small and cute and pretty old. The architecture is interesting and every building is different. There are a lot of small shops, cafés, restaurants and bars around. This not the place for shopping brands, instead this is right area to found more unique little hippy clothes and jewelry.


Further there are plenty of nice parks. We also found a farm market, some nice shops, a flea market and a lot of nice buildings. I bought cute pair of heeled sandals for the next summer.


My new shoes are little bit like gladiators with about 2 inches heel. They are cool and comfortable. They were about $55 but in my opinion they look more expensive. I planned buying nude / beige colored ones but I got black ones again haha. Maybe next time?


Some had a snack in a park. If you haven’t tasted raw coconut pieces you should definitely try them! They are super good. However they are a little dry so if you buy them when it’s 90 degrees you should buy some water or other fruits too.

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