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Yellow cabs, see you tomorrow! 🙂 Photo taken in NYC January 2015.

I scheduled this post couple days ago just to let you know that my exchange is now officially over. I left Ada early today morning. Destination New York City might be a big adventure and I might not have wi-fi before I’m back in Finland (my plane will land into Finland 16th May). I made couple scheduled posts for the next week though. However I might not answer not acute mails and comments before next weekend.

We decided to use cheap busses, friend gave us a ride to bus stop and we’re going to NYC by using 3 different busses. Today will be my next time in night bus in States. To save money we’ll also be out in the middle of the night in random city. And couch surfing / rented room in NYC. Wish me luck guys!

We won’t have anything valuable with us and in States there are always 24/7 places wherever you go (except Ada haha) and I’m not traveling alone so I’m pretty sure I’ll be just fine. Just having a little adventure. 🙂

Anyway, next week there might not be more than 2-3 posts but as I said before I’ll be back on track in a week. Have a great week everyone! 🙂

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