How to Plan and Organize Your Trip to NYC

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This post is based on how I like to plan and organize my trips. I’m really organized person who doesn’t like to waste time especially when I’m in big and relatively expensive places. If you have other good tips, websites, etc. which I should have mentioned just leave a comment so that I can make this post more helpful for all of you! 🙂

  1. List your must dos and other things you’d like to do
  1. Choose your budget
  1. Do Google research, read a book, ask recommendations from friends, read blogs
  1. Rethink what you actually want to do

You’ll find huge amount of other awesome things you’d like to do.

  1. Check NYC pass website (click to the website) and star attractions you like

…and you’ll get nicely organized list of the attractions you’re going to take

  1. Excel your plans
  • begin with ones with strict schedule like walking tours, meetings, Broadway shows…
  • Carry on by adding other attractions (like Empire State, hop on hop off bus tours, shopping…) – must do things first

Note 1: Be prepared for lines when you scheduling attractions where they usually have long lines and security checks (for example Empire State and Statue of Liberty). If you want to avoid lines try to prefer less popular days and times (if you go to tourist bus at 9am Saturday you will definitely get in without waiting and there will sure be shorter lines in weekdays in April than during Christmas holiday).

Note 2: Book all attractions online prior to arrival. You get better prices and you can be sure that you’re able do everything you want. For example some walking tours and theater tickets might be sold out or at least super expensive when bought them couple days or even couple hours before you’d like to take them. Moreover you save your New York time when you don’t have to go to one more line just for getting tickets.

Note 3: Think outside the box! Do you love dancing jazz? Playing video games? Exploring city birds? Do what You love, don’t (only) what the tourist guide says! I had my best experiences by doing aerial sports with locals and exploring city by foot. And I should had danced more different styles and maybe explore some little more exotic attractions, like Korea Town – I would like to explore all the outdoor activities and parks too. Last time it was early January so I wasn’t too excited about picnics and parks. Well, I have a reason to go back to the City!

Ps. Omg only couple days to NYC trip 2! 🙂 This time it will be low budget trip with my friend. You’ll here more about that soon. There will be budget traveling tips, experiences from our trip, a lot of photos of course. Yeah, I’m super excited.


  1. Hi Nora, I’ve recently written couple of posts about my tips to New York, if you are interested. I’m also quite organised – so I for example did a breakfast map for our last trip (my colleague thought I’m completely insane) and did some research about restaurants and hidden speakeasies, planned some walking tours etc. and did a foodie tour in Brooklyn – we really enjoyed that. If you want any last minute ideas, check these out. Hope you have a lovely trip!


    1. Hi Heidi, thank you for all the tips and a nice comment! Nice to hear that I’m not only one organizing a lot l. 😀 Food tour in Brooklyn sounds great! Have a great weekend.


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