In Review: Cold Starbucks Coffees Including 100-120 Calories

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I love lattes and flavored coffees but I don’t like the fact that they usually have tens of grams of sugar and hundreds of calories in just one cup. Starbucks however has some hot and cold options for people who want to stay skinny but enjoy good coffee. This time I’ll review three cold options. I’ve bought Frappuccino from Walmart and Iced Coffees from university’s cafeteria. These are really easy to find in States, you don’t have to go to Starbucks to find them. 🙂


1. Frappuccino, Vanilla light, 100 kcal, 3g fat, 12g carbs (11g sugar), 6g protein

Nice and little creamy texture, tastes a lot like vanilla but still it’s not too sweet. Good nutritional values compared to iced coffees – I rather get my calories from protein than sugar. This one is my favorite of cold Starbucks coffees. Not the cheapest option but too good! When the summer is hot and you’re tired at the morning this is perfect kick start to a new day. Some sugar and caffein to wake you up and a little bit of protein and fat to make sure you’re not super hungry after five minutes.

5/5 stars

2. Iced Coffee, Vanilla, 120 kcal, 0.5g fat, 22g carbs (20g sugar), 1g protein

Little too watery, not very sweet. I don’t find the vanilla from this but it might be because I drink a lot of vanilla lattes that have relatively strong vanilla taste in them. Good not too strong coffee though. If I would like to have regular iced coffee with a little hint of vanilla taste I would buy this one.

3.5/5 stars

3. Iced Coffee, Caramel, 110 kcal, 0.5g fat, 21g carbs (20g sugar), 1g protein

Feels like drinking watery coffee. Delicious caramel smell. Just a little sweet. Maybe would work fine during summer time. I personally prefer coffees that have milk in them and stronger flavors. If you like just having cold watery coffee you would like this I think.

2/5 stars

What’s your favorite iced coffee?

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