Summer Style 2015 / Colors

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During last 12 months I have become more interested in style and fashion. I used to look nice but wear black or blue jeans with black sneakers and different kind of shirts everyday. During this spring I have basically lived in dance clothes but this is Ada (town of 3000 permanent residents and 3000 students in the middle of nowhere) so nobody cares.

However I’m happy that here I have had enough time to get my hair to blonde which I have always wanted but my patience, time and skills haven’t lasted long enough to reach it before. This time my hair is pretty close to my dream look. I have spent hours by watching style videos from YouTube, “window shopping” brand web stores and stores, practiced some new make up styles, etc. And last summer I bought a lot of nice labeled clothes and I’m pretty excited that I can wear them again when I’m back in Finland. 🙂


Basic colors: Toasted Almond, Aquamarine Blue, Classic Blue, Ivory, and Grey

Highlight colors: Marsala, Strawberry Ice, Custard Yellow, and Lucite Green

What comes to colors & prints I want to wear something classical but fashionable with a little twist of hottest colors and print of the season. So my goal is to find good-looking summer clothes in basic colors listed above + white & black that are my every summer favorites and couple accessories, shirts, makeup or something small in highlight colors listed above + gold.

My must buys for summer 2015

  • Light blue / aquamarine jean jacket
  • Classic blue shorts or skirt
  • Nude lipstick for days
  • Marsala red lipstick for nights
  • New ivory-colored shoes (Sneakers and sandals)
  • Maybe some new shirts and training clothes in hottest colors of this summer

What are your must haves for summer 2015?

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