Photography Porfolio Evaluation and Thoughts

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I just got my evaluation of my photography portfolio:

Follows Assignment Criteria 20/20

Composition 20/20

Technical quality of prints 20/20

Photosop effects 20/20

Balance, Effect 20/20

Total 100/100
Comments: “Outstanding Portfolio – You have been the most creative and hard working student I have seen in this Class – You have great talent & even greater work ethic. I know you will succeed in anything you endeavor. It was nice having you in class.”

I almost had forgot my passion to photography and editing because of concentrating too much in med school. I’m so grateful that this course brought my passion back. After hearing too many times that I should change major I’m a little confused. Whatever I decide to do I will keep shooting & editing just because it brings so much joy to my life. 🙂

My teacher told I should consider getting a degree from photography and maybe creating a career as for example in field of advertisement photography. It is cool and horrible at the same time to realize that I really enjoy more to make cosmetics commercial than knowing all the physiological processes of human body – and that I’m studying medicine with these thoughts. Quitting med school has came into my mind couple times – but on the other hand plastic surgery would be creative too. From very beginning I have known that I could not be just family doctor. But is it worth studying more than 10 years when I could get photography degree in 2 to 4 without stressing too much because of all the other areas of medicine? I’m only worried because of the uncertainty that’s always included in creative careers. As a doctor I could always be sure there is job for me wherever I go – as a photographer it might not be so. It’s a passion but is it a passion with could offer me enough money to live?

Anyone interested to see electric version of my portfolio?

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