First Finals Week as a Non-Medical Student is Here!

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Above: That’s how my studying looks in Finland (studying for an anatomy exam winter 2013)

In Finland I’ve been medical student for my whole academic career – yes, I do study economics too but I cannot do it full time because medicine takes most of my time (and sparetime). Thus this exchange semester was first time I’m allowed to concentrate all my energy to other things I enjoy. Yes, I find medicine interesting, challenging and even fun but it honestly takes all you’re life. Studying medicine is hard even thought it’s rewarding. Anyway, back to this week and finals.


Take it easy, and use common sense – that’s how I can study here. Business, photography, etc are pretty easy to understand and common sense helps you a lot when you don’t remember something. Here I even have time to relax even thought I might have plenty of projects and exams to do. But hey, no more projects, only finals. Oh wow.

This week I’m scheduled to have:

Monday: Photography Final

Tuesday: Healthcare Management Final

Wednesday: Dance Showcase Final

Thursday: Dance Written Final

Friday: Epidemiology final + Deadline of International Management and Preventative Medicine Take Home Finals (I got the questions last week)

I’m of course little stressed because of six exams in a week but I’m sure that I will do well. I have worked hard whole semester and I know that I can meet my goals. I still have to concentrate this week to make my best in finals too. I hope my exams go better than the finals in this song:

I love Amateur Transplants! If you’re studying healthcare or love healthcare related humor you should check their other songs, like this one:

PS. If there is day or two without blogging or with short posts the reason is all those exams and the fact I’m leaving Ada early on Saturday morning (and I should pack my stuff and clean my campus apartment – oh no!). Only two weeks in States left. I’ll be back on my regular 3-7 times a week blogging after 15th of May. I don’t yet know how tight schedule I will have with finals week and travels but I try to write regularly. 🙂

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