Summer is Here!

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Cute ducklings made my day, too cute! 😉

It’s May and my finals week is about to begin. And it definitely is summer now, it’s May and it’s warm out there and I’m pretty sure that there will be no snow during my next and final week (oh wow, where did the time disappear again?). However you should never be too sure about the weather in Ada. It still might snow. Or go below zero. Everything can happen. Everyone ever lived here knows that. Very often I hate the midwestern weather however I will definitely miss this. At the moment I’m not sure when I will be back here but know I will be back.

I would love to plan everything for next years but I know life doesn’t work that way. Only thing that’s sure is change. Maybe I should do as Jordin Sparks sings “Take one step at the time”. I hate goodbyes and I would love to know when I’m back. All the feelings of love, hate, happiness, sadness, missing, fear, gratefulness, etc. I go through in my head is huge mess now but I just have to take a deep breath and keep moving forward. This definitely is one of hardest steps, hardest goodbyes so far but I just have to go trough it and next step will be easier. Music and sports always help me trough hard times. I cannot make you move via blog but I can fortunately share music. 🙂

To give you some summer feeling I’ll share couple nice flowers that I have shot during spring break in Sumter.



I’m not too much into photographing flowers but I really love colors and compositions of these. 🙂

I want to send hugs to everyone graduating or finishing up an exchange! Goodbyes are hard but remember, the stage of your life you’re into now felt as scary, exciting and different at the beginning too. Moving, beginning a new job and other ways to go out of your comfort zone always offer you unexpected new doors and offer you great experiences! Take your time to adapt to the change but enjoy all the new things your facing. Stay strong, hug the ones your leaving and remember to enjoy all the future offers you. ❤

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