Super-Me Flying Over Chicago / Photoshop Fun

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supernora supernora2

Friend of mine challenged me to do a super-hero outfit with Photoshop. I love challenges particularly when they have something to do with Photoshop. At first I though that I don’t have any good photos for this but actually some of my pole pics worked great for super-hero pics. Here you can see the photos I had at the beginning:


Photo of me poling in my apartment spring 2015


Chicago skyscraper landscape that I shot at fall 2014

So what have I made to them?

1. Photoshopped the pole and background away

2. Basic corrections to skin, little fixing to my body and face

3. Drawing outfit and adding some color to hair and lips

4. Repositioning the background and making it black & white

5. Adding some partly transparent color / gradient layers between background and me to make photo look cooler

Did I nail or fail this superhero challenge?

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