Go with the Flow and Make Your Summer Rock! / Motivational Quote to Monday

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I have posted couple Quotes about success and how you should plan your life to make it better. That’s how I generally think. However everything cannot – or shouldn’t be planned. Sometimes is better to go with flow and jump to destination unknown – or at least do something different. Only breaking the rules and habits of your everyday life can help you open your mind to new bigger ideas.

The photo of today’s quote is from my first journey to different life. It’s from Big Kahuna pool of Noah’s Ark Waterpark. I was guarding about 80% of my last summer by that pool. I miss it so much! It was sometimes boring, some days were extremely cold and another ones gave me sunburns. However I got great memories (and great tan).

My first time abroad alone also helped me out of the bubble I lived in. Live doesn’t have to be only inside borders of Finland. Yes, I can speak English and people might even understand me. And hey, I really can save a life! I also realized that it’s pretty relaxing to do simple job after super stressful study year. I also realized how well some very simply things like toilets and door handles are in Finland. I definitely fell in love with States and part of my heart will always be in Dells but at the same time I began to value my home country more.

This summer I won’t be in US and in over a year this is first time when I don’t know when I’ll be back in States. It’s actually quite horrible feeling. Maybe I’ll go back to Dells some for a summer before graduation? Internship in New York would be my dream but Dells summer could be nice and relaxing though.

However I already look forward to my summer job and studies, and seeing my love ones that are in Finland.

I hope you have a great summer! ❤

I want to challenge you all try something new and different this summer!

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