Photoshop Makeover to a Friend

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What to do when you’re supposed to do your studies but you just need a break? Open a Photoshop and have fun! This time my friend was my “victim”. 😀 I wanted to make her look completely different – like a action movie actor in ready film. Unrealistically bright eye color, strong facial bone structure and pretty skinny look. I made her collar bones more prevalent and face skinnier, lifted her cheekbones, removed all imperfections, blurred the skin a bit, reshaped her mouth and added some color to her eyebrows, hair and lips. I also used extra light and shadows to reshaping. I’ve taken the original photo couple days ago.

Ps. This video was my big inspiration to makeover above. If you want to see quick review how to do this kind of makeover watch this:

Pps. If you’re interested to get Photoshop makeover made by me leave a comment or email me to nora.tarvus[at] . Change [at] to @. I can make couple makeovers in next couple months when I have extra time. I just need a photo of you that’s at least 1-2 megabixels (you have to own all rights to the picture and allow me to edit and publish the photo here and in my other portfolios, I’m not however selling the photo – you can also publish the edited version as much as you want, as long as you don’t remove © Nora Tarvus 2015 from it).

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