Exchange Student in US: How is My Schedule Like in Regular Day?

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My Today: Sunday 19th April 2015

8.30am Wake up

8.45-9.30 Product / Advertisement photos to course assignment

9.30-10.30 Nice walk outdoors

10.40-11.15 Breakfast (too much super good honey-cinnamon-oat cereal 😀 )

11.20-1pm Editing Product / Advertisement photos

1-2.10 Gym (55min, 550kcal crosstrainer + leg stretching)

2.20-2.50 Shower, snack, social media hang out

2.50-3.50 Editing Product / Advertisement photos

3.50-5.15 Reading and commenting others blogs and other social media + writing blog posts

5.20-6.20 Dinner

6.20-7.20 Reading and commenting others blogs and other social media + writing blog posts

7.20-9.20 Photo editing to friend & for portfolio & personal projects

9.20-9.40 snack

9.40-10.10 emails

10.10- 10.40 social media + checking next weeks schedule

10.40-11 shower, brushing teeth, etc

11 to bed

If there is nothing special going on and my friends are studying this is how I usually spend my day – social media, photographing, photo editing and exercising. Usually there is something study related included, this time study related was photography course stuff. 😀 I spent whole Friday and most of Saturday meeting friends, cooking and hanging out so today I had to focus on my social media relations and school.

My Today: Monday 20th April 2015

6.30am wake up

6.30-7 social media

7-8 make up, hair, brushing teeth, etc

8-8.40 Breakfast (oatmeal, egg whites, some cereal)

9-10 International management class, lesson about expatriation

10-11 some, emails, reading Finnish surgery e-book

11-12 Photoshoot with a friend + products, cosmetics advertisement for portfolio

12-12.40 Choosing best photos

12.40-1.20 Lunch

1.20-3 Photoediting

3-4 Epidemiology class, presentations

4-5 Photography class (Black & White Film Processing)

5-5.30 Dinner

5.30-6 Gym

6-7 Zumba with friends

7-8 Volleyball with a friend

8-10 Badminton with friends

10-10.30 Snack + some

10.30-1am Photo editing

1am to bed

Monday is always my busiest day just because I have zumba, badminton and three lectures on Mondays. This Monday was however longer and harder than usually – only because all the deadlines and finals are coming and I really had to work with my assignments for too long. That happens about once in two weeks – all the deadlines just happen to be at the same time and you have to work over midnight.

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