Where Have I Been? / My USA Map April 2015

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“Oh you live in US. Cool! So, could you please tell me…

… where to eat in NYC?

… where to rent a car in Chicago?

… how is the weather like in California at the winter?

… ”

My friends and relatives sometimes give me good laughs by assuming that I know all states and have been everywhere. My total is actually only nine states (9/50) and tree of those are just drive trough in a day visits. I made the map for myself to keep in track where I’ve actually been and hopefully one day I can updated that without any white states. 🙂

After doing my map I felt that I haven’t been anywhere. I just always end up to explore cities nearby instead of flying to west coast or driving further. There are too many cool places in this huge country! I haven’t even seen enough Wisconsin or Ohio even thought I’ve lived in both. And I’ve always dreamed of living in West or East Coast and road tripping route 66 and both Coasts. One day I will!

Where in States would you like to go?

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