Thai Food & Friends & Bangkok Bay, Lima in Review

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17th of April my Asian friends invited me to Thai restaurant Bangkok Bay with them. I’m always ready for Asian foods and good company. 🙂 Thus me, other Finn, 2 Asians and 1 Asian-American drive to Lima, OH to eat some Thai food (I’m still sorry that messed with Thai and Taiwan all the time! Haha).


The restaurant: Small separate building, like most of building in small to middle sized middle western cities. They have seats for about 30 people. Waitress was really nice and wanted to tell us about the dishes and help us to choose. She spoke pretty good English and smiled a lot.


Foods: They serve appetizers, main dishes and deserts from Thailand. There was a lot of different options. Names are in Thai but there is descriptions in English too. I also found the pictures they had in menu (of almost all foods) really helpful – and of course my friends helped. We had 2 appetizers from us five. They are not super huge but if you’re just a little hungry the size is perfect for sharing with a friend. We all took own main courses. The dishes were pretty big for me but in scale of US they were normal.


Our appetizers: Above: Crab Cake and I’m not sure what was name of that another one, it had crab and cream cheese wrapped in those. I can ask my friends if you want the exact name. 🙂


My friends ordered curry dishes (soooo good!) and pad thais (Thai wok) that were both delicious. They told that they visit that restaurant pretty often and those are the dishes they usually take. I can understand why. I wanted to go little wild and take some traditional Thai food so I ordered Tom Yum Gung. That included at least coconut milk, something hot, lemongrass, scrimps and mushrooms. The combination is pretty unique. My friends told that their American friends hated that. I thought it’s different but pretty good. I wouldn’t however order only that again. If I would be sharing all foods with big groups, I would eat that again but the combination of flavors is so different that you don’t want to have only that (or you should get used to it’s taste first).


Above: Pad Thai. Below: Tom Yom Gung.


Price: Medium. Main courses were around $10-15+tip and appetizers $4-8. For us they counted the total for all foods and shared it equally thus we all paid $15.35+tip not too much for two course meal. 🙂

Whole menu with prices and pictures can be found from their website:

4/5 ★


Finally with our bills we got Chinese Watermelon Candies. Yep, Chinese Candies in Thai restaurant. Haha.

Ps. Sorry of the quality of photos. I forgot to take my good camera with me so these are from my phone.

Pps. One blogging company sent me link to their well-written Pad Thai information, if you’re interested in you can find it HERE


    1. Thanks for a nice comment! My Asian friends told me that most Americans doesn’t like that. I guess it’s because it’s so different. Here is States they usually just use sugary and salty sauces to give taste to foods. Herbs and spicy foods are not very popular or common especially here in Midwest. To be honest, I’m missing all different flavors that European and Asian food has. I’ll definitely go to Thai food again in future! 🙂

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