Summer Bucket List 2015 / Things I’m Going To Do Next Summer or…

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To make sure I keep doing fun and cool stuff (= something else than just working) I decided to make summer bucket list this year. Idea of the list is that I should do all things of it in time period 1st of May to 31st of August. In case I do them I should take a photo or video and share it with you guys. If I miss something some of my friends will threw bucket full of ice water on me, 1 bucket per missed thing. 😀 And of course, I will take a video of that in case it happens!

I’m sure this will be so much fun! Feel free to take part in Summer Bucket List Challenge. Just make your own list and post it and do what’s told above.

My list:


Doing this was great and super fun way to spend one Saturday night home alone. Feel free to stole this idea! Comment if you made a list, I want to see what you guys will do this summer. I want to get inspired to do even more fun stuff. 🙂


Ps. I did one more bucket list for one trip that’s happening at June. I’ll share it with you guys later this Spring. 🙂

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