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In many Finnish blogs I read have lately posted about how blogs doesn’t show the real life. People have been complaining that photos are edited and taken from best perspective, home is cleaned for photo and beauty bloggers post only perfect materialistic things of their life instead of their real selves.

I read very different blogs. I read blogs about making your hair look perfect, I read video blog that inspires you to success in career and personal life, I read realistic blog about blogger’s open relationship. In my opinion most important thing is that you can see that the blog has a niche or some kind of purpose and it’s succeeding in it. If you write about home decorating trends in France maybe you shouldn’t write about your best friends wedding in case it wasn’t in perfectly decorated place in France.

At the very beginning of this blog I decided that goal of this blog is tell friends, relatives and readers about my path to success. In this case I mean success related to career, money, esthetics and related themes. I’m writing about lifestyle, travels, photographing, career (medicine and business), culture, some beauty and health posts and of course tips and tutorials to help you reach what I have achieved.

What comes to photos – of course I want to make them look good. Seriously would anyone prefer blurry or noisy small photos to beautiful big photos that are technically good and represent the subject in best possible way? Yes, I have SLR and I use Photoshop especially for my photoshoot pictures. On the other hand sometimes I just want to share interesting and fun moment even if the photo is not perfect but it has humorous value or it describes that moment very well. And that moment can be anything from studying in library to star-gazing in New York. I try to share realistic view to my everyday life but make it in interesting way. That’s a challenge I’m ready to take. 🙂

What comes to anonymous blogging, my blog obviously is not anonymous. I have my name million times here and I think that Googling my name would lead you here. No one has ended up here by Googling my whole name but some day it will happen, I’m sure. But that’s what I want. This blog is not a dairy to tell all dirty things of me, this is more like a portfolio and CV with my thoughts – like super long resume. I think my blog represents my goals, my achievements and me as a professional ambitious young woman very well. It shows that I have friends, I want to take care of myself and that I have many things I love in life but I’m still focused on my future and career.

I want to be open and realistic however there are things I’m not sharing here. For example I want to make sure that everyone else except myself stay anonymous in case they don’t want me to publish their names or initials. You should always have permission to do so. Moreover I think that publishing names and photos of underage people or some other kind of dependent people is not okay even if you have their permission. I can publish a photo of a child modeling to me if it’s fine to parent but I don’t publish his/her (whole) name – of course in case of public models it would be different case but I don’t want my relatives to be linked to my posts if they don’t want it themselves.

Additionally I try to stick in my themes so I don’t for example share relationships or million wok recipes here (I actually have a cooking & baking blog in Finnish if I really want to share my recipes). I think it’s fair to readers that they can read what they assume and it’s easier to me because now I know what I’m supposed to post. I might sometimes post something else but not too often.

Finally I want always make sure that my posting is positive and doesn’t harm anyone or anything. For example I don’t write anything about my jobs that could be harmful to the companies I work(ed). I think being nice and polite is a must for a good blog and a nice person in real life too. Of course I sometimes say that a product wasn’t my favorite with appropriate critique but saying I just hate it is not how I work.

What should or should not be published in your opinion? Do you write anonymously or with your real name? What do think about sharing photos of relatives or others? It would be interesting to hear your opinions my dear readers! 🙂

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