Restaurant Review: Wasabi Detroit

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In a nutshell: Nice pretty small restaurant in Detroit nearby universities and Detroit Institute of Arts. Very good foods, a lot of different foods, lunch specials and real Asian stuff. Very good quality – particularly compared to the price. Open every day.

WasabiMenusDetroitDreamerAchiever Japanese and Korean menus – I would love to try everything from Wasabi’s list!

Menu: Includes entrees, soups, lunch boxes, korean dishes (including huge amount of vegetarian options). Japanese food section includes warm dishes and multiple kind of sushis and sashimis. All food me and my friends ordered looked and tasted delicious! Sushi pieces were perfect sized, everything smell and tasted fresh. Portion sizes were fine in most options, however I found lunch boxes pretty large – fortunately we’re in States so you can always ask for a box for your leftovers.


My miso soup and sushis. I tried spicy eel and spicy tuna for my first time and fell in love. Yummyy!

Price: Most dishes were around $10 to $30. Sushis were about $2-$6 for whole seaweed mat – that’s around 5-8 pieces depending on the type you ordered. Because we had big group eating the tip, 18% was included in bill. However I wanted to tip extra because of excellent service and food. I really appreciate waiters that come to ask if you want more water or something couple times – it’s not nice if you have to ask for a waiter but on the other hand you don’t want him / her to stalk you all the time. In this restaurant they really knew the perfect amount of offering service. Additionally everyone was really polite.


One of my friends took super delicious looking lunch box. That would have been a great idea because she got to try multiple dishes.

5/5 ★

Link to their website:

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