Summer Studies 2015

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Hey guys I just want to share little information about my next summer. I think you all already know that I’ll be living in Helsinki and working a lot (yeah, it’s so cool! I cannot believe that I’ve survived last four months without my awesome job). Additionally I want to make some studies about business, media and creative subjects.

I’m super clad that I can tell you guys that I got seats from all courses I wanted! Thus next summer I’ll be studying: 1. Driving Global Businesses, 2. Digitaalinen kuvailmaisu (Digital photo) and 3. Digitaalinen media & viestintä (Digital media & communications) in Aalto open university in Helsinki. It will be busy summer but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it a lot.

And I don’t know is it just me but I actually think that I’ll have quite a lot spare time – all Saturday and Sunday nights and Sunday mornings are free every weekend and I also have one free week in June, midsummer fest gives two days of to all Finnish people and I think I’ll maybe ask for 1 day of per month for July and August. 🙂 I think the key of working and studying a lot is the passion. I love all the subjects of next summer and I love my job so why would I take days off of things I love? (Well okay I’ll try to take about one day per month of to get my nails, lashes and hair done – why salons are not 24/7? I would rather go before or after work 😀 )

At the moment I’m watching YouTube videos about new products I’ll be selling next summer and trying to suck all the information to be able to do great from the very beginning. And I enjoy my job more when I can feel that I’m really good in it. Of course, I’ve done similar job for years but in technology there is always something new. At the moment I cannot wait to test and see new 12″ MacBook and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Maybe I can find those from New York. 🙂


I really look forward to buying Finnish strawberries! In this planet I don’t know anything more delicious. They sell them in boxes of 10 pounds and I could literally eat the whole box in one day but I have to limit myself. 😀 I kind of miss my summer job as a strawberry sales person – sometimes if the weather was bad and there was no customers my employer just donated me some strawberry boxes. Can you imagine the amount of happiness… Yummyy!

Anyone else here thinking to take university courses during summer?

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