Cheap Summer Apartments / Rooms in Helsinki, Finland

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Couple weeks ago I got a summer job that’s located in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. I’ve been living there four years around 2009 to 2013 and I knew that it’s usually hard to find apartments that are not super expensive. I was little worried about my accommodation during summer but fortunately I can tell you it’s a lot easier to find apartment or room that’s not too expensive for a summer than whole year.

I actually got mine in a day after sending the application. Even thought it was only six weeks before moving. The one I got is own room of apartment shared with other women. It’s only 214€ (about $230) per month and that includes water, electricity and internet connection. The room also has bed, closet and table so I don’t have to buy everything for couple months. I think this is really good deal because usually even smallest apartments in Helsinki cost be like 500-800€ per month.

If your looking for cheap a room or apartment for a summer check links below:

Latokartanon Ylioppilaskylä (this is where I got my room with furniture)

HOAS (rents pretty cheap apartments without furniture primarily for students)

In case the price doesn’t matter you can also check these (also for year round apartments):


Forenom (Furnished apartments for short and long term renting)

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