Make up for Blonde with Brown Eyes

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  • Light toned meikkivoide under your eyes and to inner corners of your eyes & under the eyebrows
  • Bronzer to cheeks and above upper lid
  • Some pink blush to your cheekbones
  • Same toned pink lipstick on your lips
  • Line your upper lids and outer corners of your lower lids with green eye shadow
  • Curve your lashes (and if you want them bigger use fake lashes or ripsiväri)

This make is nice everyday make up for school, work or hanging out with friends. I got my inspiration from YouTube video of one blogger. In that video she used green eye shadow and eyeliner with her brown eyes. It looked great! I wanted to try how would it look to just add a little green to make more everyday look that could be used in Finland and Midwest. I love all the super beautiful style bloggers from Cali and NYC. I think those looks are great but on the other hand I don’t find them appropriate for me at the moment (in my university in Ohio nobody uses high heels or a lot of make up daytime and in Finland I’m med student beginning working with patients next September and in hospital it’s not allowed to have a lot of make up on).


I will definitely try some night / party make up with green soon! I fell totally in love the way it makes my brown eyes look better and bigger. And it looks stylish as long as you don’t use too much green. Just add a nice tone to highlights the beauty of your eyes. 🙂


I used my few make up products I have with me here. All these are oldies bought from Finland if your interested in their exact names and brands feel free to ask. I just want to share that pic to show you guys what tones and what kind of products I used. You can get same look with your own favorite products too!


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