Detroit Days 2&3: Creek Town, Eating Out, Shopping

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On Saturday we went to Henry Ford museum (I might make longer post about this great museum later), ate “lunch” in arabic dessert café Shatila, went back to hotel and decided to do more shopping in mall nearby and had dinner at New Parthenon, Greek restaurant in Greek town of Detroit. After these we just went to hotel to get some sleep. It was (again) midnight when we arrived there.


Some nice looking neighborhood


Shatila café had hundreds of desserts and Easter baskets. Tip: if you or some of your friends knows Arabian you will get served faster. Quality isn’t superb but prices are really low. You can also find some arabic specialties to try.


New Parthenon was great Italian restaurant. I think I ordered their ugliest looking dish but this salad was super good and cost only $14 including tax and tip. My friends ordered everything from pasta to ribs and gyros. All great! Creek food is really delicious and this restaurant was one of the best Creek ones I’ve been. It’s also biggest, it had at least four floors.


It was great to have little walk in Downtown and Creek Town areas of Detroit. It’s very different compared to other areas we were. That’s very lively area filled with nightclubs, restaurants, small shops, walk ways, etc. That part of Detroit actually looks like a nice city. Only difference compared to other big American cities is huge amount of cars and police everywhere. To be honest I would like to go out alone there but it was fine to walk with a group.

When I asked our international coordinator who’s from Detroit she told the city isn’t as dangerous as people thinks, and that there are that many police only Saturday nights. However Internet sources like Forbes still argues that it’s one of the most dangerous cities in States. It really depends on where in Detroit you live – there are nice areas and really dangerous areas.


Sunday was our day to leave Detroit. We packed our stuff had breakfast and drove back to sunny Ada.


Make sure you don’t take wrong exit while driving in Detroit! There is no re-entry to USA without passport or visa that let’s you come back.

During our trip we stayed in Hampton Inn in Madison Heights Michigan. In a nutshell the hotel was very nice and comfy and definitely worth of it’s price. I’ll write longer review with more pictures soon. 🙂

What you guys did during your Easter Break?


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