Detroit Day 1: Ethnic Restaurants, Walking Around and Shopping

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ONUs international services organized free Detroit trip for international students. There was twelve of us from all over the world. The idea of the trip was gaining cultural experiences. So we were eating in different ethnic restaurants, visiting museums and seeing different parts of the city. And of course we went to mall because there aren’t any shopping possibilities in Ada. The day was great and horrible at the same time because…

Nice ideas didn’t work too smooth…

  1. I slept about an hour night before this because we were hanging out with couple friends last night. Usually I’m fine with that but this time I felt super tired whole day.
  1. We left Ada 7am and went to Denny’s Findlay for a breakfast. Denny’s is chain that offers traditional American breakfast, lunch and dinner food – cheese, wheat, fat, etc. are in. However they have some healthier choices too. I didn’t eat anything and I’m very happy with my decision. Food wasn’t very good, service was slow and impolite and they mixed up everyone’s receipts and added additional item to my friends receipt. And this whole breakfast thing took like two hours even thought there were only 11 of us eating. I have had good service before in Wisconsin – my tip is: do not go to Denny’s with a big group!
  1. There was horrible traffic jam because of an accident so it took even longer to get in Detroit. So we had to move museum visit to next day.
  1. Beeing too tired to shop.
  1. Paying the Etiophian restaurant. Like none of university’s or our supervisors cards worked. And there was huge amount of problems with paying. Whole process took like an hour. Afterwards we figured out that the restaurants payment code is bar (they served alcohol too) so the bank thought that our supervisors were trying to buy alcohol with almost $400. 😀 It’s weird that in States banks control to what and where your using your card. And it’s even weirder that the restaurant hasn’t fixed that problem. I guess we weren’t the first customers having that issue.


Ethiopian food – we had shared vegetables and different meats. They were served with ethiopian bread. You took piece of bread and grapped veggies or meat with it and ate it.

Things that went well:

  1. Walking around Detroit during nice weather and taking some photos.
  1. Best Asian restaurant so far, Wasabi Detroit and heavenly sushi (I’m going to write a separate review about this one!)
  1. Finding great suitcase and sunglasses from Twelve Oaks Mall (Sunglass Hut never let’s me down! ❤ I’ll made own post about all the shopping in Detroit, you can find it HERE)
  1. Pretty good food in Ethiopian food in Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant
  1. Sleeeeeeeep!!! ❤ … The best part of the day 😀

Ps. Did you know that Detroit is a car capital of the world? There are some car pics from the city:


Corvette ❤ I have never before seen so many Corvettes, Camaros and other cars I love on road in one day!


Nice Dodge and Ford Mustang


Camaro (left) and the second Mercedes I’ve seen in States & bus with bike holder (right)

Pps. I got a summer job for next summer yesterday! I’m super excited to return to my old job but in bigger store that’s located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I’m little sad to leave States but to be honest I’ve been missing Helsinki and the best job I have ever had. I was supposed to work in that company only for couple months before I get a seat in medical school. Well, nowadays I couldn’t think myself working for almost any other company in Finland.

I love their organizational culture, products, colleagues, training they offer and everything. And it’s international company so maybe in future I could work outside Finland without changing my employer. Haha, during these moments I just wonder why on earth I am in med school? 😀 Could I be part-time surgeon and part-time leader in this great company?

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